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Hannad Technologies is an infomation technology company that helps in all areas of ICT. Know more About Information Technology.We can assist you in all branches of information Technology to help elevate the standard and status of your comapany,The recent world does not work on a paper files anymore documents are now digitized in a modern way which is more safe and secure I.e It is our job to help you keep your files in the cloud where no natural disaster can damage your informations. We can as well help you to computerize all the activities of your company in such a way that facilitates a faster processing speed and a more acurate result. We Develop websites that reveals to the world abour what you do in your comapany.Your success is our desire .

Hannad Technologies: Supplies Computers,Computer Accessories,Laptops,Printers,UPS,Photocopy Machines,Routers etc. Computer and ICT equipments are inevitable in any Organization or company in the recent world,Any company who wants to join the trend to experience a succssful business needs to be upgraded and updated in information technology,It is our job to ensure that you are not lacking in any of this. Work with us and enjoy the sweetness of success.

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We Make Sure I.T Works For You

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Here are I.T experts and programmers that develops applications and softwares that best suit your company's official activities. This is needed because the use of compter and application softwares to process informations. Faster,reduces processing time,guide against human errors that could lead to a fatal crises in the company,I saves cost of having to employ more staffs company's information or raw datas. So many ways we can help you cut down expenses in a easy way,We assist you to acheive successin no time with a very low financial commitment . Once we are committed you don't need to worry,we take the rest on our sholdier to ensure your success,You desire I.T you Desire success.

Office Maintainance Services :Poerto Technologies offers office maintainance services for ICT equipments,tools and facilities. We have technicians and experts that can help fix faulty computers ,printers,photocopy machine e.t.c As well as a monthly maintanance check to ensure your systems are up and functioning well to avoid an unforseen disappointments that could leave the company in a sudden confusion. Think I.T think Poerto Technologies. your success is what we desire .....

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A number of services we render are clearly stated below accordingly,and we asure you that you can get the best out of any of the services with minimum financial commitment. Thanks

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You can reach us on our hotlines through any of the contacts below from any part of the world. we care about your success and when it comes to I.T We give the best.

Address: Opposite Heritage Sch. Lugbe Abuja
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Others: +234 7063085460
E-mail: info_hannadtech@poerto.com